TN-RERA Approval

What is RERA Tamil Nadu?

The regulatory established by the Tamil Nadu government to oversee effective and transparent real estate transactions as well as other state-wide operations is known as the TNRERA, or Tamil Nadu RERA Act.

Along with the state of Tamil Nadu, RERA Tamil Nadu has authority over the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Homebuyers have the right to go to RERA to have their dispute addressed and obtain a compensation in the event that any discrepancy is discovered in the facts and information.


In response to a provision of the RERA plan, RERA Tamil Nadu was introduced in March 2016. This idea takes care of all the operations that are kept under the basic RERA Act and regulates every aspect of the Tamil Nadu real estate market.

TNRERA Rules and Regulations

The Tamil Nadu RERA rules and regulations are split into 9 and 20 chapters. Each one of these chapters features certain responsibilities. 

Here are the notable TNRERA rules and regulations as entailed in these chapters-

  • Going through the documents that a promoter needs to submit in order to register a TNRERA real estate project
  • To accept disclosure by the promoters in the light of existing projects
  • Approving or rejecting TNRERA registration on the basis of terms and conditions entailed
  • Lookin after the registration renewal for agents as well as their application
  • Exercising a systematic approach to complaint redressal
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