CMDA Approval

Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) was constituted as an ad-hoc body in 1972 and become statutory body in 1974 vide the Tamil Nadu Townand Country Planning Act 1971. It was established under the sub-section 1 of the section 9-A (2) of the Act and

Every time a builder or anybody else, for that matter decides to construct a structure, he must obtain the Municipal Development Authority’s approval of the proposed plan. When the CMDA Building Plan Approval is successful, the layout is then deemed to be legally binding, and any significant departure might lead to a judicial action and consequent destruction.


The entire land is considered “unauthorised” if the builder begins work without receiving any type of authorization. Such structures are removed by the city government once construction is finished (CMDA). Some projects that are currently under construction are either sealed or are subject to a court-issued delay order.

The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) is authorised to regulate real estate development within the Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA) via the issue of Planning Permissions (PP) issued under Section 49 of the 1971 Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act. The CMA falls in three Districts of the Tamil Nadu State viz. Chennai District, part of Thiruvallur District, and part of Kancheepuram District.

CMDA Approval & Regularisation

CMDA is approving & regularising the layouts of dwelling, institutional, and industrial layouts above 1-hectare extent, If you are buying from Residential promoters, Ask for their layout map and see if there is a CMDA Approval & Regularisation Number. It is legally permitted.

You must obtain planning permission from CMDA before undertaking any development. This planning permission is valid for 3 years. This plot regularisation service is provided at a reasonable cost and within the allotted time limit.

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